2017 Design Submission Form

2017 Design Submission Form


Follow the steps above to pay your design submission fee ($15 per design). Once we receive your payment you will be provided a link to a submission form. If you submit your payment under different name than you use to fill out your form please make a note of that in the section entitled "Additional Information."


If you haven't read our Designers FAQ please take a moment to do so. 



Designer Guidelines: Each design submitted should emphasize quality while ensuring sustainability. 

  • 90% of your materials should be diverted from the waste stream (not bought).  
  • You must be able to accurately explain where materials were sourced from.
  • You must be innovative with the type of materials and the way materials are used in your design. 
  • You must provide a detailed sketch of your design. We also ask that you provide any photos of anything in progress or materials you might have already collected. We may ask for more photos and details to help assist the decision-making process.
  • We only accept complete designs. No accessories or bottom pieces without tops, you have to stylishly dress a whole person with your design.
  • We ask you incorporate zippers, velcro, buttons or other methods to help ensure a human or dress form can wear your design. 
  • Tape sucks, staples hurt, and hot glue can be a mess. We strongly encourage you to use more traditional methods used in the fashion industry. This helps ensure the designs can be worn for multiple events/exhibits.



*We are no longer accepting designs for our April 30th 2017 show in Hartford, CT

*We are accepting designs for our June 24th show in New Haven, CT

*Not all designs submitted can be accepted. 

*Fee is non-refundable

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