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Lectures, in-class workshops and trashion shows



Trashion Fashion’s concepts have been integrated into schools since 2012, and over 100 student designers have participated in our Trashion Fashion shows. Trashion Fashion believes that through creative reuse and by inviting students to tackle big issues like global waste reduction, we will be able to help foster the next generation of creative problem solvers and we can save our planet. Trashion Fashion is available for a variety of in class workshops and presentations. If your school is interested in working with Trashion Fashion, please contact us for more information. Our "tool kit" is also available to help your students get started right away. 


Presentations and guest speaking

A team member of Trashion Fashion can come to your school function or classroom and discuss the issue of global waste and share our approach to finding a solution. Our team member can be equipped with power point presentations, examples of trashion and/or real world examples of products that we consider creative reuse. This is a great way to introduce your students or faculty to our creative concepts, workshops and in-school Trashion show.  



Trashion Fashion can come to your school to provide in-class workshops and/or teacher training that will help your students learn about concepts related to the waste stream, the importance of recycling and the idea of zero waste. A key aspect of all our workshops is to encourage individuals to become conscious of how much waste they produce in a day. Students will be asked to source materials for the projects as a class or individually and materials can be collected from home or school. 


In-school Trashion show

Our Trashion Fashion shows have shown us that creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. We've seen incredible designs and talents come from student designers time and time again. Our concepts have been utilized by D.C. Public Schools for several years now. Together we've put on district wide Trashion shows that bring parents, students and teachers together to celebrate each others resourcefulness and creativity. We want to be able to see more of these events happen around the country and would love to hear from you if your school is interested.