Past Productions

—  A timeline of our past productions and collaborations

"Trashion Fashion has become a staple in Hartford, and something that we, and our patrons look forward to each year. Events such as this one truly make Hartford shine as a beacon of community and creativity"


Will K. Wilkins

Executive Director

Real Art Ways


"The Trashion Fashion Show has had a positive impact on the student artist in our school. Speaking from a parent perspective, my daughter was so impressed by the dresses made last year from recycled materials that she started designing her own Trashion Fashion dress over the summer."


Holly Gustafson

Assistant principle

Breakthrough Magnet School 


Overview of Trashion Fashion

—  Listed by year


Workshop, Create DC

Trashion Fashion at Infinity Hall, Hartford (7th)

Trashion Fashion at Arts & Ideas Festival, New Haven



Commission, JUST water

Popup, High Line NYC

Popup, DUMBO Improvement District

Trashion Soiree, Elizabeth Park - Hartford (2nd)

Trashion Fashion Show, Hartford (6th)



Live Art - Dress Making, Wadsworth Atheneum 

Workshop, Creative cocktail hour - Real Art Ways

Workshop, New Britain Museum of Art 

Exhibit, Hartford Public Library

Exhibit, Envision fest Hartford

Trashion Show, D.C. Public Schools (2nd)

Popup, DUMBO Improvement District

Popup, High Line NYC

Trashion Fashion Show, Queens Botanical Garden

Workshop/Popup, Liquid Lounge - Connecticut Science Center

Trashion Soiree, City Hall - Hartford (1st)

Trashion Fashion Show, City Hall - Hartford (5th)

Education Partnership, CCSU



Commission/Popup, Hartford Courant 250 Gala

Trashion Show, D.C. Public Schools (1st)

Workshop, Creative cocktail hour - Real Art Ways

Popup, Earth Day NYC

Popup, High Line NY

Trashion Fashion Show, Brooklyn Grange

Trashion Fashion Show, City Hall - Hartford (4th)

Education Partnership, CCSU



Trashion Fashion Show, City Hall - Hartford (3rd)


Trashion Fashion Show, Hartford CT (2nd)



Trashion Fashion Show, Middletown - CT (1st)